New Book From Robert Wohlfahrt

The ShellToolbox 2.0

  • Stop wasting your valuable time searching the internet for a needed command over and over again (and get more done with a better quality in a much shorter amount of time)

  • No matter what distribution you are on - Get the right tool for the right task. Each tool is hand selected to give you every time the most appropriate tool for a task: no more guess-work, no more "command not found" errors.

  • All included commands come with explanations and examples to illustrate the usage. Save a lot of time as you don't have to figure out everything for yourself.

"Invaluable for everyone working at the Linux shell"

"The only tool you need at first
is this box of essential tools ...


... because at the Linux commandline it's always about knowing the right tool for the problem that has to be solved."

I've created this book by request for my clients and students - as a starting point and as a reference for their daily work. And now you can get access to this compilation too.

Today you can get instant access to the PDF-version of this book for $5.60

Why $5.60? Well - to be honest: I pulled this price completely out of thin air.


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Who is this book _not_ for?

If you are mainly working with the mouse and your are on the search for some fancy "graphical tools" - then this book is not for you.


This book is only about tools helping you mastering the Linux command line - aka working at the Linux shell - aka working at the terminal.

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Here is a fraction of what's included in the "Shell Toolbox":


The basic commands if on a Linux system for the first time


Who are you? Are you the only one currently logged in? How about a reboot with a broadcast warning message 15 minutes before the actual shutdown to avoid others losing their work or data? (see page 6)


Everything about working with files


As Linux follows the paradigm "everything is a file" - this chapter could be called as the most important one. You will learn how to create, edit, remove and copy files. But also for instance how to monitor the changes of a logfile in realtime (page 11), how to synchronize files and folders or how to work with the most used type of file-archives (see page 16).


And what about searching? Search for files by it's name or size for instance and check if they contain the content you are searching for (page 35) 


How about search&replace ... ?


The must-know tools for disks and filesystems


How to mount and additional disk or access the cdrom-device? How to access a network-share from your Linux system. How about creating new filesystems or checking them for errors? (see chapter 3 starting at page 22)


Everything for user- and permission-management


How to create users and organize them into groups? Which users are currently known to the system? (page 37)


Do you have write-permissions for a file? How to change that?  (see page 41) And how is the "sudo"-command really working (explained on page 71).


Get control over your processes (from page 44)


Get an overview over all the running processes, who owns them and how are they utilizing your system?


Did you know that the name of the command "kill" is a bit misleading and that it can be used for other things like terminating a process? (see page 45)


How about changing the priority ow workloads that shall not slow down your system?


Analyse the Hardware built into a system


Sometimes it can be really useful to know the basics about the hardware built into a system.


The chapter starting at page 49 gives you the tools you need to analyse the installed hardware and to get an overview over the active drivers.


Control the commandline and start to automate tasks


"Do on thing and do it well" is another paradigm used by commands in Linux systems. And therefor it's really straight-forward to let one command process the result from a second one. You just need to connect the datastreams of the commands.


Chapter 4 starting on page 27 gives you all the tools you need for doing all types of "datastream operations".


And if you wanna go a little further with automation - have a look at the chapter about "flow control" and get your feet wet with some shell-scripting basics (starting at page 72)


Don't fear the networking stuff


As Linux systems are "born" with all essential network-protocols included, they are the perfect fit for serving all types of network services.


And it seems like there is no tool that is not available for doing any network stuff.


You'll get three separate network-chapters covering the essentials: Configuration (page 51), Analysis & Troubleshooting (page 53) and Transferring Data (page 58).


Did you know that it is really esay to synchronize files and directories between two systems over the network? (see the tools on pages 60/61).

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