New Book From Robert Wohlfahrt

  • Stop wasting your valuable time searching the internet for a needed command over and over again (and get more done with a better quality in a much shorter amount of time)

  • No matter what distribution you are on - Get the right tool for the right task. Each tool is hand selected to give you every time the most appropriate tool for a task: no more guess-work, no more "command not found" errors.

I've created this book by request for my clients and students - as a starting point and as a reference for their daily work. And now you can get access to this compilation too.

Today you can get instant access to the PDF-version of this book for $5.60

Why $5.60? Well - to be honest: I pulled this price completely out of thin air.


But also that would be roughly the price if I - totally old-fashioned - would print out this book, package it and send it to you via snail mail.


But instead of waiting for the book to arrive, you will get instant access and can start benefit from its content immediately.

Who is this book _not_ for?

If you are mainly working with the mouse and your are on the search for some fancy "graphical tools" - then this book is not for you.


This book is only about tools helping you mastering the Linux command line - aka working at the Linux shell - aka working at the terminal.

For A Short Time Only: Free BONUS included

If measured by the number of downloads and the amount of positive feedback I've got - the "Bash Scripting Cheat Sheet" is the most popular handout I've given away in the last few years.


At the moment this "Bash Scripting Cheat Sheet" isn't publicly available anywhere - but if you order the Shell Toolbox today, I'll sent you this Cheat Sheet as a free bonus too.

Here's What To Do Next ...

As soon as you place your order today, you'll be sent an email receipt with the download links to the book and the bonus.


From there you can download everything and read it where and whenever you like.


You can access your book anywhere, instantly without having to wait for the postman.

Time Is Of The Essence

You Really Are Getting This Book For Just $5.60 ...

The Boldest Guarantee You Can Get

I'm so confident about the value this book will give you, that I'll return your $5.60 and let you keep the book if you won't love it.


Just email me and I'll refund your $5.60 - no questions asked.


How fair is that?

This Is Truly A Limited Offer So Claim Your Copy Now